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The Majority of TE's have got worse every year as more and more TE's became Entertainers and Cheats arrived in huge numbers. Up to 70% of hits can be traced to cheating,-TrafficDelivers and the other Land Marketing Programs have got much better at catching them-and our Anti-cheat Software and Daily inspection have all but eliminated them-Your Sites will be seen by Fellow Marketers=RESULTS
TrafficDelivers is a Real Traffic Exchange Where All Admin Policies, Prizes, Promotions and Program Tips are based on one thing, and One Thing Only -Getting YOU CONVERSIONS*

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**Must surf 25 sites to Activate and surf 50 in first 48 hours to get full 1000 Ad Views

Site Statement and Disclosure: TrafficDelivers is NOT an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program. We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site. We do not require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service. You will not get rich by using our program. We are an internet advertising program, and a Damn Good One!

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